Maine Oyster Trail Experiences

Farm Tours

Take a tour of a Maine oyster farm, guided by an oyster farmer. This is the most immersive experience offered on the Maine Oyster Trail as it connects you directly with the farmer and their crop: oysters! You’ll be able to peer into the world of an oyster farmer, hear their story, ask your questions, see the farm firsthand, and taste their oysters. Trust us when we say that Maine oyster farmers are some of the best tour guides you could ask for. Their local knowledge and passion for working on the water make farm tours a uniquely Maine experience. 

Buy Oysters

Purchase oysters directly from a farmer. Local food is here to stay  – and we’ve made it easier than ever to find and purchase Maine oysters near you. Grab a dozen and head out for a beach picnic, pick up a few dozen for a backyard gathering, or bring a bag to enjoy on the water with friends. Also, some farms host shucking events or do pop-ups at breweries where you can purchase oysters. To find these local events, follow the Maine Oyster Trail and the farms on social media to see where they’ll be next! Purchasing oysters directly from farmers not only earns them a higher price, but it puts a smile on their face knowing their hard work has brought you the freshest local oysters.

Boat & Kayak Tours

Tour an oyster farm as part of an organized boat tour. The Maine Oyster Trail features a variety of boat tour operators who partner with oyster farms to offer special oyster-centric trips. Charter boats are a great option for larger groups (6 or more people) and those seeking amenities, while kayak tours offer an active outdoor adventure. Many boat tours even provide oyster samples, so you can taste and enjoy the bounty of the sea from the region you’re visiting.

Raw Bars

Sit back and indulge at Maine’s premier raw bars. The raw bars on the Trail offer a great selection of Maine oysters, knowledgeable staff, and outstanding oyster dining experiences. Raw bars are an accessible option for any occasion – from a laidback brunch with friends to a delicious happy hour excursion. Most are open year-round, have regular business hours, and are centrally located.

Shuck Trucks

Shuck Trucks are mobile food trucks and carts that offer freshly shucked Maine oysters. This is a fantastic grab-and-go option for those who are looking to enjoy a great selection of Maine oysters while meandering through town, heading out for a waterfront picnic, or hanging at a local brewery. Some shuck trucks have regular schedules and locations and others are always on the move – use your itinerary to reach out or follow them on social media to see where they’ll be!